Track the top 100 cryptocurrencies using sentiment analysis

Compare the top 100 cryptocurrencies' popularity in real time using sentiment analysis. With trend-driven currencies, public opinion is the best way to understand each crypto currency’s value. By directly comparing price with various sources of public sentiment (twitter, google searches, and news articles), you can predict trends.

Samuel Bars
  • Samuel Bars
    Samuel BarsTeenage Entrepreneur

    This tool brings tools that we usually don't have, sentiment analysis on various platforms, all automated in one cool place


    Seems like there isn't much training on how to use the site. It is seems relatively complex and I don't know how to use it

    I love the fact that we have an alternative to Coin Market Cap, that is full fledged and performant

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Thanks for hunting @drichards, this is a super interesting application of sentiment analysis. What was your motivation for doing this?
@abadesi Thank you! I am a cryptocurrency trader and it is daunting trying to make investment decisions with the news and public opinion changing so quickly. I created the free site to pull in all the information I use to give you the full 360 view of the market at any given time. You are able to track news, Twitter, Reddit, and Google search volume at this time for a given cryptocurrency.
@drichards awesome product. if i were you, i’d make it a bit more layperson friendly, and have a rating system for sentiment that’s clearer than a 0 to 1 decimal number. even if you’ve got to invent one.