Cryptonomy 2.0

The Crypto Social Network

Cryptonomy 2.0 is community based social network for crypto-enthusiasts. With fake news, fraud, and the technical complexities of this space, we wanted to make it easier to discover and deliberate various crypto/blockchain projects with fellow crypto-enthusiasts.

Stop the FUD, spread the LUV <3 :)

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13 Reviews5.0/5

The only place where you can really explore ALL crypto products


No other product like that in the crypto-space. The social aspect is a killer!



Thanks Or! <3
App looks amazing. I love the social aspect - I've installed a ton of crypto apps before, but all of them are just plain portfolio apps, this is the only one with News, Forums, Chats, Reviews, Portfolio and basically all you need to be an active member in the Crypto Community.
@skubiszrafael Thanks Rafael - we've been hard at work trying to fix the issue of trust with content that is spread around the internet, which is why we put a lot of emphasis on the structure and our feed algorithm. We're looking forward to hosting many more communities as we continue to expand, as well as offer users more ways to engage/deliberate through our platform!

Been using Cryptonomy for a few months now and this new version is out of this world. Really great job, I can tell you've put a lot of of work into this!


- Abundance of features

- Really clean interface

- Easy to use

- Can't believe it also has portfolio tracking!


- The option to buy directly from here would be a gamechanger

Really like this product so far and the vision of the team. Need a designated platform for us crypto-enthusiasts and this looks like a step in the right direction.


Has thousands of communities already


No API sync for portfolio

Great Job Roy, the app has really come long a way since the early days - the vision of building a network of crypto-enthusiasts that is focused on quality is super ambitious and definitely valuable. Keep up the good work!
@danpe Thanks so much for the kind words Dan - As someone who has personally lost money in a few burned out ICOs back in the day, I really wanted to focus on making something that can help me sort out real quality projects over those who are simply taking advantage of the trend. I also had a lot of technical questions and was sick of using Telegram/BitcoinTalk which I felt weren't modern/tailored enough for our needs as crypto-enthusiasts.