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Matej Plavevski
@matejmecka · N/A
Can't anyone do this? This is a simple Dashboard in Grafana.
Thomas Peitz
@it_supertramp · Infrastructure Engineer
My colleague at work just added it and i was so amazed that i got all your likes, visits today :) - I have a lot of ideas for the future. Want to add annotations for special events. Add Time Informations of different markets (to see when asians are waking up). If you have some wishes just post them here :)
Bruno Skvorc
@bitfalls · I work at SitePoint and Diffbot.com
I dunno, I find it easier to just open my Altfolio in Coincap from time to time to keep an eye on things.
@t0ha666 · Sole Founder /Developer
Simple, but useful, thx