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Cryptominded is a curated directory of the best cryptocurrency resources. We're slowly transforming the website into the best place for beginners to learn about cryptocurrencies. We recently build the 'WhereToBuy' tool, which you can use to find the perfect exchange available to you to buy cryptocurrencies. Check it out!

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Thank you for hunting Eric! Hi all! was a small side project I worked on for the past 3 weeks that escalated a little :) I got very interested in cryptocurrencies myself lately and had a hard time finding new resources and useful tools, so I asked some people whether I should make such a site and the common answer was "Yes, do it!". So, here we are 3 weeks later! I'm super excited about how it developed itself. I hope you enjoy the site too. Don't forget to upvote or submit your favourite resources. ✌🏼 I hope to turn this site into the perfect beginners resource for those that seek to get started with cryptocurrencies and guide them along the way. Tips and suggestion are very much welcome! Best, Dylan
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@dylandamsma Very cool Stash Dylan! :)
@dylandamsma Hi Dylan, how do you curate resources that fall in many categories? Should we submit them under multiple categories, or will you all handle that? Just submitted one for my company. Thank you!
@dylandamsma Cool story bro! I just begin to learn cryptocurrency and such tools that, guys like you made for its development, are awesome! I already mined a little and made transfer safely due to after hard year of working now searching how to withdraw money from account! If someone can help it would be nice!
@dylandamsma Really cool. Thanks for your time and effort! :)
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Great collection and really nice theme you've used there! :D
Looks good. Will join the Slack community. Is it active?
@volodarik Yes, it's not such a big community yet, but we've some pretty active members :)
Awesome site. I've been using it for a while and it has quite a few sites I've never seen before. Quality stash!
@h3nno Thank you for your support 🙌🏻
This is very useful - Thanks @Dylandamsma!