Shows price change of crypto since the last time you checked

CryptoLogg only shows the price change of cryptocurrencies since the last time you checked. This is to discourage you from checking the values of your investments often.

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Hey Product Hunt – I wanted to build something that would prevent me from checking the value of my cryptocurrency portfolio often. The only price you see is the change from the last time you visited. CryptoLogg doesn't tell you the exact value. You will see the last time you checked the price too, so hopefully that makes you realize you just need to sit back and HODL. I also added quote about how you'll mentally breakdown if you are constantly checking the price.
@thomasvaeth This is a really cool idea. Have you thought about doing the same for stocks? I feel like I check Robinhood compulsively too.
@kicksopenminds Thank you. That's a good idea for stocks. It's only going to get worse when they openly release the desktop app. It would have to be after V2 because I'm going to be adding the ability to add/remove coins.
@thomasvaeth This is awesome. Saved to the home screen. Thank you.
I just released version 1.1. – You can now view the price change by USD or percentage. Thank you Ben Levy for the suggestion. – Bitcoin Cash has replaced DASH. Thank you Coinbase for doing that yesterday... My next version will be the ability to add/remove coins before considering adding support for other fiat currencies.
This is pretty dope🚬 @thomasvaeth What is your stack to build this?
@dredurr React and Sass bundled with Webpack. I also use Document.visibilityState to listen for when a user is active/inactive on the tab. And then I'm using the CryptoCompare API for all the data.
Hey Thomas, This is a really cool product! I find crypto to be one of the most FOMO-inducing (and constant checking) investments I've ever made. I like this product a lot - any ability in the future to let me customize either coins that are increasing or decreasing the most? Or customize my portfolio to the coins I own? Awesome work!
@benmlevy Thank you! So that's my idea for V2. You'll be able to add/remove coins, but I wanted to get V1 out before I spent countless hours on it. I'm using the CryptoCompare API, which pretty much has every coin.
@thomasvaeth That all makes sense. I think I'm most intrigued by the idea of seeing the trend lines
@benmlevy Hah this is also an idea! Saving the last 10ish values you checked and graphing them in the cards.
@thomasvaeth Have you also thought about showing the % increase vs. just the $ amount for each visit? I.E. BTC went up $400 USD, what % is that?
@benmlevy No! Thank you for that suggestion. I can definitely add a click event to change between $ and %. That's a really good idea.
Super useful! 👍
Allan Mecham said, “Continual performance monitoring is not good for your mental health or for your portfolio’s well-being,” but the last time you checked your portfolio was a few seconds ago. ⏳ :P