A tool to help CryptoKitty geneticists decode the genome

#4 Product of the DayDecember 10, 2017

CryptoKittydex is a community-built compendium to the CryptoKitty blockchain game.

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Hello! One of the makers here. CryptoKitties drew us in once we called the "getKitty" method on the CryptoKitties alpha contract, and saw a 64-character hexadecimal "gene" sequence in the response. We nerded out on trying to understand how the CryptoKitties smart contract would combine kitties' genes to breed new and unique offspring, and our curiosity drove us to build a tool to help. We're very excited about CryptoKitties and intend to continue developing CryptoKittydex into a fun, useful, and complementary experience. Hope you like it! We'll be around most of this weekend working on some new features, and would love to hear how it could be better.
@eugeneotto Thanks for the summary, I've found it really useful. I think you have 2 types of users here, so you could tailor it to them: beginner and advanced. As a beginner I actually only use the Cattributes page, as it helps me identify rare kitties from their traits. I think mapping the genome with intersect/subtract is more useful for advanced users who are more technical..I wonder if that part can be made more appealing to beginners - maybe something like a weekly summary with 'findings from the genome' could be good
@graeme_fulton Agreed! The genomic sequencing features are beside the point to folks engaged with @cryptokitties as collectors, but appeal to geeks curious about the technical details, and profit-seekers looking for an edge in the breeding/trading market. We have a couple features on the way that will add some depth to the site, and will hopefully make the genomic sequencing tools more approachable for adventurous beginners. And there have definitely been enough newsworthy events in @cryptokitties to warrant a weekly wrap-up - this is a great idea :)

Awesome app for those who want to better understand how the Kitty Economy works. I had so many questions that are now answered!


Simple interface, ultra fast


No search box

Cool games that educate is what we need more of!


Very educational and cool


More tutorials

This is awesome.
Awesome project! Love it!