How to invest & everything else you need to know

CryptoKitties.Care: How to invest and everything you need to know—cheats, tips, FAQs, community shared knowledge & more!

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I've been getting so many questions from my non-crypto-savvy friends about CryptoKitties and how I've managed to make this a profitable pastime, so I gathered all of the basics and put them in one place. I'll update as more learnings become available. If you built a 3rd party app and want to be featured, please DM me! Enjoy :).
@marthabitar I admire your hustle so much! 🙌🏽
@abadesi thanks so much for the encouragement!!
@marthabitar this is awesome! great stuff :)
Hey @ariklein! Glad you liked it! Are you playing?

Made it really easy to improve my cryptokitten usage. Great 3rd party tool


Great guide to cryptokitties


My cerulean won’t have cerulean kittens

😻😻😺 this is what's needed! Nicely compliments
@graeme_fulton thank you!! 🙏🙏🙏 Cryptokittydex is the best. Make sure you try the Rarity Calculator!

Seems to be constantly updated and full of content. I like to think I know what I am doing but this helped so much! 10/10


Super helpful for beginners


I realize Im not good enough at CK

Thanks so much for your feedback Kent! That's the goal :).

The content is fantastic and I love how easy it makes the process of learning about cryptokitties.


Super informative + very easy to navigate


I'm about to spend a ton of time on cryptokitties... don't tell my husband! ;)

Hahaha love it Natalie! Just don't spend a ton of money! And remember that time is working against you.