Collectible vinyl toys, powered by the Ethereum Blockchain

CryptoKaiju are the world's first vinyl toys fully traceable on a public blockchain. Each is linked to our Smart Contract via a tamper resistant NFC tag, helping to prove the provenance and scarcity of your collectible.

Each is backed by a non-fungible token containing metadata (Name, traits, description) making each Kaiju completely unique.

@tobdea Thanks Tobia, glad you like it. If you have any questions then please shoot them over.
Awesome idea! What's the address of the Ethereum smart contract? Couldn't seem to find it on the site.
Awesome innovative crypto collectable item (limited edition too). Order placed & looking forward to receiving it
This is one of the coolest blockchain product out there, I have seen it in the flesh, the quality is great & the tech is solid. Cute too 😃
I'm getting myself a couple of these for sure! Awesome idea.
@bitentrepreneur Thanks Alejandro, even more CoinJournal merch for the office! 😃