Collectible vinyl toys, powered by the Ethereum Blockchain

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CryptoKaiju are the world's first vinyl toys fully traceable on a public blockchain. Each is linked to our Smart Contract via a tamper resistant NFC tag, helping to prove the provenance and scarcity of your collectible.

Each is backed by a non-fungible token containing metadata (Name, traits, description) making each Kaiju completely unique.

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Alejandro DeLaTorre
Mantis Cryptos
Vasilis Papaioannou
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Tobia De Angelis
Tobia De Angelis@tobdea · Tech entrepreneur.
CoinJournalMaker@coinjournal · Founder, CoinJournal
@tobdea Thanks Tobia, glad you like it. If you have any questions then please shoot them over.
Lakshman Sankar
Lakshman Sankar@lakshmansankar · computer power user
Awesome idea! What's the address of the Ethereum smart contract? Couldn't seem to find it on the site.
CoinJournalMaker@coinjournal · Founder, CoinJournal
Vasilis Papaioannou
Vasilis Papaioannou@tweetious · Crypto enthusiast / Blockchain visionary
Awesome innovative crypto collectable item (limited edition too). Order placed & looking forward to receiving it
David Moore
David MooreMaker@david_moore2 · Designer of Things physical & digital
This is one of the coolest blockchain product out there, I have seen it in the flesh, the quality is great & the tech is solid. Cute too 😃
Alejandro DeLaTorre
Alejandro DeLaTorre@bitentrepreneur
I'm getting myself a couple of these for sure! Awesome idea.
CoinJournalMaker@coinjournal · Founder, CoinJournal
@bitentrepreneur Thanks Alejandro, even more CoinJournal merch for the office! 😃