Earn bitcoin for referring friends to crypto jobs

CryptoJobs by Xpo.Network is the only crypto jobs site that allows for bitcoin referral rewards.

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Hi everyone, This is Ankit, Product & Community Evangelist at Prism Labs, makers of Xpo.Network Here at Xpo.Network we noticed that while many of our friends were looking to break into crypto, almost all of them knew someone who was looking to make the switch over. The number of jobs and gigs (not just for developers) is growing exponentially, and we had a hard time just keeping track. This led us to build out a job board for crypto jobs and gigs, but with a twist… How it works: Signup to create your own unique referral link for any job post with a reward. Start earning Bitcoin: You can earn bitcoin in one of two ways. First: Apply and accept a job offer. Second: You can also receive a referral bonus for referring someone who applies and receives a job. For employers there are zero listing fees to post your job, though we encourage attaching a bitcoin signup and referral bonus to make your listing gain faster traction
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Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us! Our motivation for building this job board came from our need to engage our own community @ Xpo.Network to spread the word about our job postings. What better incentive than using bitcoin for referrals? It turns out we weren't the only ones who found this useful, so we started opening it up to the larger crypto community to post their jobs to as well.
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Rewards! now thats cool. Thanks for hunting @chrismessina. Good job team!
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Looks great! Congrats on the launch!
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