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#2 Product of the DayFebruary 24, 2018

CryptoJobs is a job board dedicated to blockchain companies that are hiring and has over 200 listings so far.


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Khan Hudson@mt_hudson
Great Idea with nice UI, But I'm not that much of a fan the font you've used.
Giovanni CasinelliMaker@casinellig · Founder CryptoJobs
@mt_hudson Hi Khan, thanks for the feedback! Completely agree about the font. I can't for the life of me figure out how to choose a nice font. Would love to hear font suggestions from the PH community. Happy to change to the one people like the most!
Chris Backe@oneweirdglobe · Game designer at, blogger
@mt_hudson @casinellig could you A/B test something like Raleway (modern but still classic) or Open Sans (plain and basic but focuses attention on what the font is saying, not the font itself)?
Joshua Voydik@joshvoydik · Founder, Mindful Makers
Congrats on the launch! This will be super helpful this year and moving forward.
Giovanni CasinelliMaker@casinellig · Founder CryptoJobs
@joshvoydik thanks Joshua! Means a lot 👊🏻
T@reK@tarekm1984 · Founder of qp2qp drawing app
Great Idea for the artists
Sergej Lotz@serglotz · UX Designer
Which backend system do you use here?
Giovanni CasinelliMaker@casinellig · Founder CryptoJobs
@serglotz Hi Sergej, I've built the backend in Laravel. The stack is pretty much Ubuntu + nginx + MySQL + PHP7.
Aaron Kazah@aaron_kazah · Software Developer and Anime Enthusiast.
You know it seems like everyday I log into PH there's a new Crypto product being launched.
Giovanni CasinelliMaker@casinellig · Founder CryptoJobs
@aaron_kazah haha agree. Welcome to the crypto world ;)