Inspiring stories of Blockchain startups πŸ’«

CryptoHackers interviews crypto world heroes helping them build a connection with their audience.

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πŸ‘‹ pals! CryptoHackers is a collection of interviews with leaders of the crypto industry. My mission is to create a strong connection between founders and their audience. It may only be achieved if every founder talks openly and emotionally. Hope you guys enjoy the project ⚑️ P.S.: There is also a tiny cozy chatroom where I invite all the heroes

I have been a loyal reader of CryptoHackers for a while, and just binge-read all interviews again for a research I'm currently doing. Love both the concept and the execution!


really inspiring interviews!


hmm, interview more people? :)

Thanks for the hunt, Catalin!
Congrats @alexanderisora! Really good interviews! Can't wait to read more stories about the crypto universe
@vtllr thanks for the kind words, Vincent! New stories are on its ways 😌

I really enjoy reading these, as they give a face to some of the new projects coming out in the crypto space.

One thing I would recommend is video interviews.


Insightful interviews


No video

Good work (as usual) Alexander! Thanks for giving me and other product builders a platform to tell our story. Cheers πŸ₯‚
@jashpetty thank you, Joshua! πŸ’«