Turn your cryptocollectibles into unique, physical goods

Create goods like t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, and more from the cryptocollectibles in your digital wallet. Only the owner of a specific cryptocollectible can create goods for it.

Now you can bring your CryptoKitty to life. It's meowvaleous 😺

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Hey PH! I'm one of the creators of CryptoGoods. Cryptocollectibles -- like CryptoKitties -- continue to be created, but beyond looking nice, they don't do much today. With CryptoGoods, you can turn your cryptocollectibles into actual goods. Fun fact: Only the owner of a specific collectible can create goods for it. I also did a whole tweetstorm around how and why we created this.
Great idea! Now that we have collectibles on the blockchain we need them on the real world too!