A simple, beautiful way to track your cryptocurrencies

CryptoDasher is a simple, beautiful web application for tracking the cryptocurrencies you care about. Store your wallet information, and amount and get updates on your portfolio value in realtime. Or use it to easily access wallets and copy their addresses whenever you need it.

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The design is a blatant ripoff of
@mattijsbliek Hi Mattjis! I was definitely inspired by Shapeshift when I started this, as it was supposed to be a fun little project to learn React, that I eventually decided to share with the community. I'd be curious to know if you could elaborate on your comment of blatant ripoff, as apart from the selection menu on the landing page the design elements are my own. Thanks!
@fredrik_strand_oseberg I think being inspired is great, but there’s a difference between inspiration and copying :) I’m sure you made the design elements yourself, but it doesn’t really matter that your galaxy background is slightly different from that of ShapeShift. Basically the entire opening view of the page is identical, changing the font and colors a bit does not make it a different design. Somebody put a lot of work into making ShapeShift, you can’t just tweak it a bit and pass it off as original work. There’s nothing wrong with copying the idea of something, but you have to make it your own somehow.
@mattijsbliek Thanks for your comments mate. I'll definitely take it into account as I redesign the page. As for copying the entire site, I guess we have to disagree on that. You are correct that the first section of the landing page is from Shapeshift. I was wrong to include that, and I'll be looking to change that part. As for the rest of it, which largely makes up the bulk of the website, I'm proud of my design and I stand by it.
I can't seem to find the possibility to delete my account.

I will have to disagree with one of the comments. The landing page does indeed look similar, however that doesn't stop many companies in reusing bootstrap, material ui typical interfaces, color schemes and the layout as it used as a standard.

The major thing is that functionality is different, the star background and the use of to what I call material UI cards is absolutely fine and acceptable. Nearly every 2nd crypto project use 'connected nodes' background - try blame them for that:)

Finally, the author did it as a side project for learning and it seems to be totally free.

And yeah - Good artists copy. great artists steal


Great design, functionality


Its picky, but I can't see the portfolio tracking graph in the mobile version