March Madness for the World Cup (built on Ethereum)

Cryptocup is a World Cup prediction game. It's kind of like March Madness but for the World Cup, where you predict the brackets of the World Cup and then based on your predictions you can win some of the accrued pot. It's also built on Ethereum!

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Hey! I am one of the founders of Cryptocup. Being from Argentina, I was born a soccer fans so decided to build a game predictions for the World Cup. All your predictions (full World Cup) are hold on a token and will earn points during the World Cup. If you get into the top 10%, the Smart Contract will reward you from the Pot. You can also trade your token during the tournament!
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@cryptosoccer hi Federico, congrats on the Dapp this is an awesome idea!! I’m curious as to how the oracle problem is solved here — i.e. where are you getting the scores from? Are they being input manually or pulled automatically from an API? How does it protect against malicious actors? Any fallback protection mechanisms? Thank you and looking forward to using this!
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@franco_ab Franco, let me answer your questions 1) We are using Oraclize with APIs from an outsourced company. We are paying them for their service. It is the same company which provides services to newspapers and sports websites 2) We have our contract audited by Coinfabrik.
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@cryptosoccer this is awesome!! Thanks so much for the transparency!!
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Great idea !!
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Im getting a prediction!!
Amazing Dapp combinig two passions, footbal and cryptocurrency. Already have my tokens. Great idea, I hope the pot will be huge.
Amazing! Im building my token right now