Cute little 8-bit cats on the Ethereum Blockchain

Crytopcats are cute little 8-bit cats on the Ethereum Blockchain. The ownership for each of these cats is stored on Ethereum. Ethereum is a decentralised platform that runs the smart contracts, powering the CryptoCat ownership. Applications on Ethereum run exactly as programmed without any possibility of censorship or third party interference.

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Of course this is posted to Product Hunt 😹
@rrhoover haha, I'm thinking there might be space in the next release for a Product Hunt 8bit Cat :)
@zackshapiro Thanks Zack! We were inspired by the Larva Labs guys and the CryptoPunks. They are super cool guys, excellent 8bit artists and created the Punk Kitten for us.
Cats are amazing. Also the blockchain. We've been thinking about some similar stuff. Congrats on the launch team, this looks super neat.
@mackflavelle Thanks Mack! Would love to hear more.
@gendry_morales launching next week!
@mackflavelle Haha, so much cat blockchain competition! Nice to meet you Mack. I must say, when we heard about Crypto Kitties it motivated us to try and get to Main Net first. Oh, and we are working on some special cats to give to you and the team :)
@gendry_morales 🀘 You beat us to the punch! But we'll be on the court soon! Maybe we can get a cryptocat into cryptokitties. Wanna email Mack @ and we'll see if it can work?
@mackflavelle Sure thing Mack, sounds like an awesome idea! Hope the launch goes well, we'll be sending cat power your way.
I love it, what a great idea. No doubt you're onto something big.