Collectibles on the blockchain showing Bitcoin's history

Cryptocards is a cryptocurrency based collectible collection inspired by Cryptokitties but is focussed on the history of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

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Mathias Philippe
Community manager
Hi. I am Philip, and I am the community manager at MisfitArt. Ben, thanks for the hunt! The biggest thing to hit the global market since the invention of currency is the word “Bitcoin”. What started merely as an alternate electronic payment system soon became the seventh wonder of modern economy. We created Cryptocards a digital collectible limited card series based on smart contracts, to capture the most important milestones in Bitcoin’s history. Trade, collect find rare cards, show off your collection, and own a piece of Bitcoin history! This collection was designed to remind the world, that the early adopters drove Bitcoin into the mainstream, and these cards are their memento/souvenirs from some of the moments they witnessed. Enjoy!
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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
Another collectibles site but this one teaches you a little something about Bitcoin's history! There is no breeding here though.
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