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There are 1000s of crypto projects out there. Determining which ones are legit and worth following is difficult, especially since there are so many scams. CryptoCanary is a community-driven, web-based reviews platform that helps you research crypto projects.
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Hi Hunters! I'll keep this brief. We've been working on CryptoCanary for several months now and we would LOVE to get your feedback on how to improve it. As a token of our appreciation, we're doing a GIVEAWAY drawing for $100 in ETH for y'all. All you have to do is to sign up within 48 hours of the launch and you'll be automatically entered.
Some background -------- during 2017 & 2018, we saw firsthand how many of our community members were enthusiastic about the crypto world but found it difficult to find the information they needed to make informed decisions and avoid the scams & bad actors trying to take advantage of them. On the other hand, we noticed many good samaritans already sharing their experiences on forums, subreddits, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The problem was that no one really caught their info in time and hence many people still were harmed. That's why our approach is to consolidate all of that information in an easily digestible, crowdsourced manner, so that everyday retail investors/adopters can have an easy place to go look for information.
QUESTION #1 - What can we do to get you to write more reviews about projects you're familiar with and come back to the site more often?
@stellarowl12 Perhaps give more weight to votes & ratings by users that earn more points by reviewing projects. Reward with higher tier levels combined with their heavier voting weight might give a sense of importance, which might drive them to reach higher statusses.
@stellarowl12 @cryptoanonymous I agree with this. Maybe could work like a ranking system on bitcointalk or karma that is used by reddit. I agree with this because people tend to think that the reviews was useless which in fact could be used for research and fundamental analysis so putting emphasis on heavy and worthy comments by rewarding it's creator must've make improvements
QUESTION #2 - What other category should we add besides coins/tokens?
Blockchain Games
Decentralized Apps (Dapps)
DeFi Products (crypto lending, etc.)
Mining Products
Something else? (comment below)
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@stellarowl12 considering that the widest interest of people currently is in trading and investing, and there are a huge amount of exchanges bigger and smaller, I think it is very likely that crypto users might be extremely likely to be interested in the trustworthiness, functionality, customer support etc of exchanges. Tbh above all other extra categories this is what I believe would be the highest priority to add if you want to grow use of your application! Thank me later! lol
@stellarowl12 Updated crypto news, a source where we could see updates as fast as it goes live in the internet.
Many of our community members use CC all the time for research and discussions. Personally, I'd like to see some other categories added to the site for us to discuss. :)
@btcforbeginners for sure, we're looking into other categories as well you can vote in the poll above for your top choice