Coin recommendations based on sentiment, TA, trend, and news

Cryptobroom is a new way to keep up to date with the latest cryptocurrencies. Get personalized coin recommendations based on your own preferences. Also view information about the top 100 coins from the dashboard

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Hello everyone, Every time I wanted to look into a new coin I saw myself looking at lots of different websites, I did not know where to look first and got lost in all of the information. That’s where Cryptobroom will help. The dashboard will show all kinds of interesting information for the top 100 cryptocurrencies. I wanted to stay up to date with all of the altcoins. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch all of them. Thats why I created a way to get a notification when a coin is getting interesting. Based on all the information I gathered I was able to add a couple of filters which will point out the most interesting coins. I am aware that everybody has their own opinions on which piece of information is most important. Therefore I added settings to customize the weights in each category. This way everybody gets personalized notifications. Have a nice day! Tim
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This is awesome, Had this idea a while back. Could this be used in conjunction with market trends to issue buy / sell signals? Also its missing Electroneum (Might not be doing too well at the mo but it has the fastest growing community of any altcoin so it'll be missed)
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@patrickjmq Currently Cryptobroom will send you buy signals based on your personal settings . If you add more value to technical analysis, you get TA signals. If you add more value to sentiment you will get sentiment signals! I hope this answers your question. About Electroneum; At the moment only the top 100 cryptocurrencies are supported. So if Electroneum will enter the top 100 again it will be in the list! In the future I might increase the amount of coins.
This is cool. Any plans for an API?
@apr214 Everything is based on an API already. But it's private at the moment. In the future there could definitely be a public API!
@apr214 would love to be a tester of your API if you chose to develop it. I have a startup that fits in beautifully with what you are doing.