Crypto Tracker

Never miss an opportunity to invest in bitcoins & ether

a chrome extension to track the latest bitcoin & ether prices and set alerts for prices moves. It shows the bitcoin / ether price in every new chrome tab.

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Hello all! This is my first submission to product hunt. I built this tool to make sure that i don't miss on the next bitcoin price surge. It has worked beautifully for me. So now i'm sharing it with the world. I hope it helps you too! Cheers!
@apostopher can you implement a "price" feature instead of "points"?
@dvpita yes. that is on the roadmap. so you will be able to set notifications like `notify me when the Bitcoin price is above x USD`
@dvpita the "price" feature is live! check the new version of bitcoin price tracker
@apostopher another small improvement request :) : text box to write the currency, just scrolling is a bit of a pain
@dvpita thanks for the suggestion! its ready. check the new update!
Interesting idea. Do you not think that people would set 'buy' and 'sell' orders on the exchanges themselves however, instead of relying on this tool?
@thomaswhitaker I agree with you. the serious Bitcoin traders will probably have the exchange's website open all the time. The main purpose of the extension is to get the bitcoin price quickly. mostly when I'm busy working, I forget to check the Bitcoin price and then miss the opportunity to 'buy' / 'sell'. Also, getting the chrome notification is very helpful. I'm planning to add some more notification rules and more crypto currencies.
@apostopher Sounds great, nice and subtle rather than constantly having to have a tab open. PS. Add ETC as one of your currencies ;)
@thomaswhitaker Crypto tracker now supports ETC! :-)
a new update version 2.3 is now available with bug fixes and minor changes. Your chrome extension should auto-update.
a newly updated Bitcoin price tracker v2.4 is now available with bug fixes and minor changes. Your chrome extension will auto-update.
v2.5 of Bitcoin Price Tracker is now available! This is the interim release. a big release is coming next week! stay tuned!
hello All! a new exciting trading platform is coming soon! stay tuned!