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Timeline of historical CryptoCurrency events with details.

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Hey Product Hunters! Bitcoin just passed the $4000 mark! I made this simple site called : a timeline of cryptocurrency major events and sources/links to learn more about those events. πŸ€“ I am finding myself reading more and more about cryptocurrencies and decided to try and make a fun little site with the most interesting events and hopefully with help (crowdsourcing) to be able to recollect 100s of events and thus create a main source for the history of cryptocurrencies to be able to look back one day. Also to offer for free for new people that get interested in this industry and technology. ⏲ Is fun to go back in time and check how it evolved from 2008 when Bitcoin was still in development. πŸ• One cool thing to check on the timeline is that you can go back to the original thread on of the 10,000 bitcoin pizza which represented the first ever transaction in Bitcoin. (that pizza today would have been worth over 40million USD πŸ™€πŸ˜“) πŸ”“ the site is open sourced and there is also a spreadsheet for people that want to contribute with important events, I missed a ton of events because its hard to recollect all the data which is other reason why I am creating this site...I hope to have like 100 events in the next coming weeks on the site. πŸš€ Last week I launched which went kind of viral so will be trying to develop more side projects in this space in the next coming weeks/months (& hopefully will launch soon a project that will potentially make me money unlike the latest apps I launched which were purely for fun/free/weekend projects) Please let me know if you have any questions, Adam
@surfcoderepeat Looking forward to contributing, great site! Btw, not sure if you're open to adding memes but if you're, HODL will be a good place to start ;). Added CT here!
@0xethan your site looks great and has many great resources, thanks for adding it :), I will check the Hodl thread and add it to the timeline :)
For me as a beginner in the blockchain domain, this a a great way to catch up! I like that you added resources to the events, makes it even more useful. I also very much enjoyed your article on the "freestyle hacker" makes your project even more likeable. I'd be glad to connect! :) As the timeline grows you could introduce sub-timelines for insights on a deeper level.
@itsdavelux Glad to hear that is a bit useful :), trying to create some side projects to expand the word about crypto without getting involved in ICOs :),lets connect I am always up to work side projects and ideas with other people :
Any chance you can make this embeddable? I'd love to include it and of course give credit.
@tomfrazier Hi Tom, , I am actually thinking of redesigning everything and offer more sharing options like embeds, will keep you updated :)
I was looking for an app like this one! thanks Adam, this is pretty cool!!!!