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The easiest way to follow the crypto market.

With Crypto Ticker Pro you can save your favourite currencies and store your portfolio so you can easily see how your crypto-holdings are doing. It’s fast, reliable and secure.

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Coincap is another alternative that supports hundreds of coins and has a pretty slick UI, supporting web, iOS, and Android.
This is very limited crypto portfolio app. Here are some pros and cons I noticed on the first glance. Pros: - Simple and clean interface - You can select different "local" currency to track your portfolio - I like coin info page, it shows you everything you need about the coin - You can add multiple portfolios Cons: - Very, very, very limited number of coins. It does not have 1/3 of coins I have. Some noticeable examples are: District0x, 0x, Civic, Tierion... - You can not enter the price at which you bough the coin - acquisition cost price field is missing. Without that you can not say it's a portfolio app. - You can not delete the coin from the portfolio - You can not "sell" the coin, to track P/L - No themes (I prefer dark) Verdict: This is simple app that provides you details about your crypto coin holdings, with a very limited number of coins. And you can do only that - see how much your coins are worth right now. For me, it's not worth the money I paid for. There are plenty free apps that provide much more features than this one. Though, I'll keep an eye on it. I would suggest the developer to start implementing those few things I mentioned in the cons. It'll make a huge difference.
@b1rkh0ff Thanks for the feedback! I'm happy to tell you I'm already working on many of the improvements you mentioned! More coins will be included in the next update :) Will add a dark-mode for sure! Btw: it's possible to delete the coin from the portfolio (hit "Edit" and swipe to delete). That being said, I agree with you that's not as intuitive as it should be! Will work on that.
Why can't this be on Android! :(
@teslagen3 Had there only been an easy way. I will put it on the roadmap!
What's the difference between this and Blockfolio? :)
@frexuz Thanks for mentioning that one - I will check it out while I wait on this one :)
@frexuz Thanks for asking! I created Crypto Ticker Pro after I found the need for an efficient and easy to use crypto ticker. I think the differentiators are ease of use, speed and the visuals.