Crypto Table

A Periodic Table of Cryptocurrencies

A Periodic Table of Cryptocurrencies to help classify various blockchains in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

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Hey @jesalg, What are your plans for scaling this?
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@jacqvon Probably open source it and/or have some way for the community to suggest categories / blockchains. Just depends on how much interest this gets :)
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Could they later offer some links to dApps that take any of these cryptos?


The visuals, categorization and external links.


Would be nice if the Categories offered examples, brief descriptions

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Thanks for the feedback! I've now added category descriptions when you hover over the legend. Will look into adding some links to real world apps using those cryptos.
Time, date and weather... Why not?
The overall popped up elements are not clickable, only text/ names are, elements area should be clickable itself.
@mrwullah Thanks for the feedback, that's on my to do list
How about the penny stock? Any suggestions?