Crypto Squad

Create and manage crypto pools

Crypto Squad is an easy way to create and manage crypto pools. Early crypto enthusiasts all over the world are investing on behalf of friends and family. We help them manage this process with automatic accounting and a payment gateway for contributors. Further we let them trade between 130 currencies using our integrated exchange

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Hi Guys. I love the idea and the design. One question: if a user pools other people's money how have you solved for legal compliance across jurisdictions. AFAIK managing other people's capital requires a license in most jurisdictions. I couldn't find any T&Cs on the website or even a mention of the jurisdiction the company is registered in (I saw Crypto Squad Inc. once, so I assume this is a US-based C-corp?). Anyway, interested in learning the legal stack you've adopted. Thanks.
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Reminds me a bit of StockTwits but for crypto (cc @howardlindzon) and less regulated. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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@howardlindzon @rrhoover That was actually my first thought: How is this legal? If you are managing someone else's money without a license than what exemption does this fall under?
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@howardlindzon @rrhoover @kubakostecki thanks for the comments! Whilst all pool managers should be aware of the specific relevant legislation for their region, we are in the process of developing a technical solution for decentralised custody, this combined with not including security tokens in your pool allows you and your contributors to safely operate, but again pool managers should look up the specifics for their jurisdiction because this differs from country to country.
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Like a lot of people, I felt that crypto was one of those things that I wanted to be part of, but I didn't necessarily do the research. I used to email my friend (who knows a tonne!) for tips on what to get in on, and would wire him money to buy it for me. Cryptosquad has made this process a lot easier and more transparent. As much as I trust my mate, it's great to have full transparency over what he's doing with my money. I've been using the product for about 5 months now, and would recommend.


Great way of getting exposure to crypto by piggybacking on your mates who know more than you do.


It only works with people you know, would love to see a version where you can follow expert's portfolios.

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Following experts is on the roadmap and will be shipping soon!
Would love to see the poll you're been part of for more than 5 months, if this review is accurate. :)
Love to hear questions/comments!
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Whatโ€™s up Vibhas! Nice work with cryptosquad