This is a simple tool that generates thousands of different funny cryptocurrency project names, loaded with buzzwords.
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Love it. Super fun generator that I'm enjoying playing around. Would be very cool if it also auto-generated a name for the project as well (eg. Blockchain-based decentralized cloud computing for the Irish publishing industry: BlockPublishIR)


Super funny


Some of the projects actually sound too realistic

sh*t I love crypto but I must admit this is real funny
Hey PH,👋 I started learning to code, and this is the 4th product I built this year. 🔨 More about my challenge here: 🤖 PRODUCT I’m interested in cryptocurrencies not just as an investor but also as a tech enthusiast. I spent a fair amount of time discovering new blockchain projects, and I think you can agree with me that there are many bullsh*t projects out there. So I thought I’m gonna build an app that randomly generates hilarious crypto project names based on already existing project titles and my creativity. 😀 I had incredible fun building this, my intention is to share this fun and not to hurt anyone’s feelings.
really useful