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1500+ currencies analyzed every 15 minutes.

Crypto Picker is a free algorithmic ranking engine. Every 15 minutes, it looks at 7 days worth of data and evaluates trends, spreads, volatility, and other aspects. The end result is a number representing how good it would be for trading on. A must see for crypto traders.

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Congrats on the launch @diggs_77 :) What makes you different from the several other crypto trackers out there?
@amrith Thanks for the reply. Initially I just needed a list of coins/tokens that I could "day trade" on. I use automated software and after being in some forums and constantly hearing the same question, "what's good to trade on today?" I asked some questions and found the best crypto assets to trade on are generally uptrending with some volatility. So that's what the algorithm calculates for. It's not bollinger bands, or SMA, or fib based. It can quickly look at 7 days worth of data and apply a "rank" to it. It does this every 15 mintues for 1500 currencies. It's not 100% yet, but I'll keep working on it. Glad to see people are interested in it.
@diggs_77 may i ask what automated trading software you use? ive been looking for a reliable automatic trading platform.
Nice product. How does the ranking algorithm work?
@aviggiano Thanks for the positive comment! I have been logging crypto prices every 5 minutes for the last several months (not by hand). :) The algorithm looks at the last 7 days of data and splits it up into periods. 7 day, 5 day, 3 day, 1 day, and 12 hours. Each period has a weight associated as well. For each period the algorithm looks for high/low/median and then spread from median to high. Then a foreach is run that goes through every single price for the period (288 per 24 hours) to see if it's above below or crossing the median. Each cross is a point and gets added to a variable. Once the variable is final, the weight is applied and the next period is evaluated. The periods are all added up and that's what you see as the rank. There are a couple other points the algorithm looks at, but that gives a pretty good basis for how it works. On my dev machine, I've been tweaking it and it's getting even better. So stay tuned!
Can you add Kucoin to the list of exchanges you scrape? Also you should add logos if you have time, and 24 hr change.
@deejax If you click on the "ALL" TAB and type KCS into the filter, KuCoin shows up. It's not in the top 100 tab unfortunately at the moment. But as coins fluxuate, they will go in and out of the different charts. I will certainly look at grabbing all the logos, should be simple. Thanks for the feedback. BTW... I'm scraping data for every coin listed on CoinMarketCap through their API, if they have it, I'm analyzing it. ;)
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