Crypto Jobs List 2.0

Find and post 🔗blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs.

Crypto Jobs List is the largest site for finding and posting blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs. Despite being only two years old, we have now received over 20k applications for 1,100 job listings from 570 crypto companies and counting.
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Raman Shalupau
Maker @
Hello Product Hunters! 👋 Exactly two years ago today I launched Crypto Jobs List on Product Hunt for the first time. Since then, the platform has received over 20k applications for 1,100+ job posts from 570 crypto companies and counting. Today, I'm excited to launch Crypto Jobs List 2.0 🎉 I’ve been working on this mostly alone all this time and over the course of two years have added a bunch of small and large improvements — all thanks to your feedback — and I’m excited to share them with you today. 📖 Story I started Crypto Jobs List back in October 2017 when I was looking for a developer role in crypto myself. Frustrated by the job search process, I decided to build a simple list with crypto jobs (inspired by @levelsio's RemoteOk, of course 😉). Still hurting from my previous startup failures, my expectations for CJL were super low (low enough to write ugly jQuery code in just two days). But, to my surprise, the site took off within two months and became the full time job it is today! 😅 ✨ New Features - ✅ Improved job application flow — Now you can apply on the same page. - ✍️ Referrals – Increases your application success by 27%+ Seriously: - 🏛️ Company Culture Interviews — Learn about crypto company work culture, compensation and founding story: - 💸 Competitive Salary — We are now collecting salary data for you to benchmark against your peers in the industry: - 🎨 Fresh, simple logo, brand identity and UI: 🛠️ Tech stack - Backend: Sails.js with CoffeeScript hosted with Dokku on AWS + GCP + DigitalOcean - Frontend: React + Parcel + SemanticUI hosted on Netlify - MongoDB for storage - Custom made automations and integrations with Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mailgun, etc… ❤️ Thank you! No great product is built in isolation. HUGE THANKS to everyone in the crypto community who’s been supporting the site, using it daily, providing feedback. Special thank to (in no particular order): Keven Velasquez, Zack Moore, @andreyazimov , Sebastien Couture, Alexei Sheremetov, Vadim Asadchy, Lucas Gaylord, Kai Sedgwick, Wei Jie Koh, Patryk Florczak, my parents. And many many more! < 3
Abu Nurullahcommunity manager
It's providing latest career news around crypto industry. It's helping us to get job. I am wishing best for crypto job list.
Anton Vereshchagindigital nomad
Nice! 👍 It's good to have a website where you can post jobs and applicants are eager to be paid in crypto. I've seen similar projects before but this one is surely the most feature-rich