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Hey PH! Last few weeks there were a few crypto job boards popping up. And we are one of them 😁 The number one haha Focusing on technical positions across USA, Asia and Europe. Most job boards look and function pretty much in a similar fashion. There have not been much functional innovation. What features, maybe something rare and weird, would you like to have on a board? P.S. Thanks @casielane for hunting us πŸ˜‰
@ksaitor How do you differ from the #2, #3, etc?
@casielane to be honest, i'm curious myself. Well, design is the first thing that comes to attention. I tried to keep things minimalistic. But UI aside, it might end up being a numbers game, which board gets more traffic and postings. Personally, I wouldn't want to make it a marketing competition. Thinking what real features I can add to make this genuinely valuable to companies and job seekers. Thoughts? What features would you want?
@ksaitor I loved the universal, full-text search and also the minimal UI. What is this built on (stack)? Have you used multiple tools or build it root up?
@adithya thanks for the compliments man! I'm a javascript snob haha πŸ˜… Sails.js + mongo + spaghetti jquery+ my own css + dokku + aws lightsail. These days i try to focus on validating the product/market fit before moving to fancy reactjs, autoscaling infra, and other engineering porn 😁 Btw, i recently wrote an article just about that. Lots of people seemed to like the "validate your business, not your tech" approach
@adithya What's your stack?
We've seen quite a bit of success with niche job opportunities. I've been a big fan of the community around Hire Tech Ladies myself. Would love to hear the story behind this one, @ksaitor 😎
@casielane yeah! niche job boards are the best 🀘 I've been wanting to create something in crypto space. Ideally, a product that relies on blockchain technology itself, but could not find a good idea just yet. Instead, I decided to build something for crypto community itself. Seeing that there are more and more people who are looking to hire engineers and product people for their blockchain company. And equally large number of people trying to find their way to work in the space (people like myself). So that's how CryptoJobsList got born! I deployed it about 2 weeks ago. End of September. But kept it under radar, until you hunted it hahah πŸ˜…
Congrats with the launch! Nice minimalistic design and site just doing what it should. Maybe would be great to have more jobs and some categories like remote / internship / full time.
@andreyazimov Thanks Andrey! Most of the jobs posted so far are remote. Perhaps I should put more emphases that there are. Or add a checkbox to filter on them. We've got a full-text search there, so just by entering "remote" or "internship" you'll find what you are looking for (if we have it, ofc πŸ˜‰)
Hey @jashpetty! Can we join your 🐳 ? 😁
@ksaitor Most definitely, would love to have you be apart of it. ✌️ For anyone interested, it is a Telegram chat group where you can talk and learn about cryptocurrency. πŸ€“ You can join here πŸ‘‰
Good job, especially with the full-text search!
@cbrwizard Thanks man. It's not a full fledged scalable implementation at the moment. But right now i'm focusing on a small and simple product. If I'll get to 100k monthly, perhaps i'll go hardcore on elasticsearch and put on my engineering fancy pants on 😎