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Catalin Stratu
Catalin StratuMaker@catalin_stratu · Founder & CEO
Hello PH, Catalin from Crypto Job here. We’re a recruitment platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists. Our goal is to create a community where people can learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency, share their experience with other members and connect to companies that require expertise in these areas thus providing amazing opportunities for both candidates and companies. 🙏 Huge thanks to the Product Hunt community, @neerajt4, @bentossell and @rrhoover for giving us a chance. We would be very happy to help however we can and answer any of your questions, so fire away!
Neeraj Thakur
Neeraj ThakurHunter@neerajt4 · Marketer |
@catalin_stratu All the best! :)
Sergej Lotz
Sergej Lotz@serglotz · UX Designer
How is this any different then by @ksaitor ?
Catalin Stratu
Catalin StratuMaker@catalin_stratu · Founder & CEO
@serglotz hello Sergej, and great question! While at the moment the platforms are fairly similar in terms of functionality, and Crypto Jobs List certainly has a lot more job offers than we do at the moment, we believe that our UI and UX is better because a lot of people who have navigated have told us that it's easier and more intuitive for them to find the stuff that they need. Another advantage of using our platform is that we our prices for buying a premium feature are much lower. Finally the biggest difference that we see between the projects is that our focus lies a lot more on educating and offering our users materials to learn and become blockchain and crypto specialists which we are working on right now, we will also implement a ranking system and gamification features in order to encourage specialists to keep improving and companies to maintain a good reputation.
Catalin Stratu
Catalin StratuMaker@catalin_stratu · Founder & CEO
Hello everyone, the new update for Crypto Job is out now! a) We did our best to ensure that all the companies that post jobs on our platform are real and credible that’s why we added some quick but important steps to confirm the identity of a company. b) We restricted the access to your CV only for the company for which you apply for a job. Your data is safe with us. c) We added more recruitment options for businesses in order to give them more value and make the recruitment process quicker, easier and more specific to your exact needs. d) First 10 businesses to register, confirm their account and post a job offering will be offered a free premium account to boost their visibility and attract more talent faster.
Rudy Lee
Rudy Lee@rlvl · Creator of Kydy, Co-Founder of VREX LAB
@catalin_stratu Good job! Looks nice!
Catalin Stratu
Catalin StratuMaker@catalin_stratu · Founder & CEO
@rlvl thank you!!