Crypto Idle Miner: Bitcoin Tycoon

Mobile game that rewards you with real crypto – Hora Tokens!

Crypto Idle Miner - a new idle clicker simulation video game in which you will be able to learn more about the hectic world of crypto and blockchain. Fun and educational game in which we will reward our players with our own crypto, called Hora Token! Enjoy!
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113 Reviews4.9/5
Need To Be More Decentralized. Otherwise They Will Dissappear. BUT ! IF They Can Make It More Decentralized And Creat Great Provisions For HoraToken, Then The Things Can Be Change Hugely And Turn Into Benefit To The Early Adopters And Gamers. Wish You Luck
@weedle Thank you for the feedback! Yes, we shared our vision among our community, and what you wrote is the direction towards we are planning to go! Once again thank you for the feedback!
Best idle game on the best blockchain out there! You guys have to hurry though in generating value for the token, because having these many noob users is a blessing and a curse at the same time. It’s great because so many new people get in touch with crypto with gamification, but since they don’t know what’s going on, they dump your token for dust. That’s why there has to be a clear and visible use case for them, so that they hold instead. Devs know that and I really hope to see things moving forward soon. Thanks!
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@atmos_black thank you so much for the support! Super glad to have you around Atmos!
Great fun game which allows you to earn free cryptocurrency!
@mattwahman thank you Matt, glad to see you enjoying in our game!