Crypto High Score

Add your name to the global player rankings by paying in ETH

Add your name to the leaderboard by paying in ETH. Promote your website or favorite crypto project. It's like the million dollar homepage on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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Hi Everyone, I'm really excited to announce this silly little side-project called Crypto High Score. I'm not a developer by trade (entrepreneur and product guy currently at JibJab), but I thought it would be a fun way to get my hands dirty and learn more about building on Ethereum and MetaMask. I also learned a lot about Node.js along the way! It's a public leaderboard you enter by paying in ETH. Whatever you decide to pay, that’s your score. The more you pay, the higher your ranking. Users can link to their website or project. Think of it like the Million Dollar Homepage on the blockchain. I recommend MetaMask (Chrome plugin) but any web3 compatible browser will do. On mobile, check out the Cipher Browser. The origin of the idea came from @marckohlbrugge, who built something similar through Stripe a few years ago. Thanks for checking it out. Bring on any feedback or questions! Thanks!
@marckohlbrugge @jordan_lyall love this Jordan, even stuck my name up there haha. Did you follow any specific guides? Would love to dig into this a little more myself. Many thanks dude!
@scotttaylor Thanks! Lots of trial and error. I ended up mostly using code from an official MetaMask repository:
@scotttaylor I also just open sourced it on GitHub, just to ensure the skeptical that there's nothing shady going on:
Love a good, silly project like this. Nice work!
@jonroig Thanks Jon, it was fun!
Hey @jordan_lyall thanks for hunting, what made you want to build this? 💰
Maybe you could add a layer of social good to this to add an incentive. Otherwise it’s pretty nihilistic lol.