Crypto Final Four

Sweet 16 March Madness brackets on Ethereum

Crypto Final Four is a sweet 16 march madness app built on Ethereum. Each bracket is a tradable ERC721 token which will allow you to trade, buy, or sell your bracket as the tournament proceeds.

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Thought I'd do something fun for some friends this March Madness and explore a few ideas I've had with developing for Cipher Browser and for Ethereum in general. Crypto Final Four is a twist on the traditional office pool: using Ethereum smart contracts, it's possible to make each bracket a tradable token (using the new ERC-721 standard). As the tournament proceeds, some brackets rise in value and some fall. If you've got a busted bracket, you can always bid on another!
My bracket broke because of UVA. Sad. But a great dApp nonetheless.
@alexisohanian Gotta love an underdog though....what a story with UMBC
Hey @vincentchu! This is really cool. I commented on HackerNews, but could see a ton of applications in big $ prizes. Could this same idea also be applied to splitting ownership and trading fantasy teams? Thanks! Ben
@benmlevy Absolutely! You could definitely do either— at the end of the day, just up to the smart contract developer to determine the ownership structure and what data gets stored on the chain. An interesting thing is that fractional ownership could be layered onto Crypto Final Four (CFF) via another smart contract; while CFF doesn't allow fractional ownership, a secondary contract could own the bracket in full and manage fractional ownership itself.
@vincentchu That makes complete sense! What are your plans with Crypto Final Four?
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