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A Tycoon-style dApp game - #Emojinomics

A Tycoon-style game built around the concept we coined as #Emojinomics. In this game, the player must compete with other players to acquire resources (🐑, 🤓, 💰), craft unique products consuming resources (📱💭⚡🐑 - “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”), or HODL for a later opportunity.

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Greetings, All! Today, we’re very pleased to announce the launch of CryptoEmoji, a dApp crypto social experiment our team has been working on that will be going live within the next few days. The CryptoEmoji concept was born during a team brainstorming session when the question was asked: “What emoji do you think would be considered the most valuable?” As you’d expect, everyone had a different idea and reason why they thought their emoji was most valuable. After some heated discussions, we decided to tackle this problem as anyone would – with a distributed blockchain application, of course! This led us to the creation of CryptoEmoji and the conception of an economic system that we have dubbed “Emojinomics.” So, what in the world is Emojinomics? Let’s start with the term “economics.” Economics is defined as “the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.” (Thanks, Wikipedia!) We’ve defined Emojinomics as the social crypto experiment to study the mining, distribution, valuation, and creation of emoji collectibles. The Game & Design: CryptoEmoji is a dApp managed by an Ethereum Smart Contract that will be published for the community to audit. Players will use ETH to purchase ERC-721 digital collectibles of unicode emoji. These initial emoji will be the mining engines that create the base currency of our economy. We refer to this base currency as Crafting Tokens (CT). Each CT is associated with the base emoji that created it (ERC-721💩 creates the ERC-20 CT-💩). This means our economy will have various currencies based on which unicode emoji generated the CT. We will start with an initial pool of 50 emoji. Each ERC-721 emoji can also store a message of up to 32 bytes. This allows an owner to communicate a thought or leave a witty remark for the community. The Smart Contract will allow the creation of unlimited unique emoji and Emoji Stories. All ERC-721 collectibles will start at a claim price of 0.001 ETH and will increase by 2x. Once the claim price is greater than 0.05 ETH, the claim price increases by 1.3x. After it reaches 0.5 ETH, the claim price settles at 1.15x. We do this to provide early incentives and more opportunities for mining CTs. When a player claims an emoji collectible, they pay the claim fee to the current owner. 95% of the fee is given to the owner, and 5% is held by the contract. We had originally considered dropping this fee to a lower amount or removing it all together, but we came to realize that a VERY important aspect of the Emojiconomy is to ensure fair CT generation. The 5% claim cost disincentivizes players from arbitrarily inflating a token’s supply by trading the same token with a second ETH address they own. Our hope is that this cost provides a disincentive for self-trades and remains low enough to encourage community participation. CT tokens are 100% ERC-20 compliant with some modifications to allow creation and burning to only be managed by the master contract. Creation only occurs when a player purchases an emoji collectible for its claim price, and burning only occurs when a valid Emoji Story is created. No one has access to those functions other than the master contract. We will start the initial distribution of 50 emoji at launch, and we’ll add additional base emoji to the dApp daily. We’re spreading distribution out to allow for a lower point of entry for new players and for the ability to create new Emoji Story combinations. Mining: CTs are mined when an ERC-721 is purchased from the Ethereum Contract for its claim price. One CT is created for the current owner, and one CT is created for the buyer when the token is claimed. To put a limit on the practical creation of CTs, the base emoji collectible’s claim price will increase by a varying fraction of each claim transaction. This puts an effective ceiling on the TOTAL quantity of tokens that can be created, but it doesn’t arbitrarily limit tokens to a fixed amount. The community and the economic incentives will end up dictating the supply and value of each CT. Creation: So now that I have CTs, what can I do with them? CTs can be used to create emoji-based digital products. At launch, these will be in the form of ERC-721 Emoji Stories (we may include other emoji items in the future…maybe…). Unlike our base emoji, Emoji Stories won't generate CTs. They WILL however inherit the claim price from their parents. This means if you combined 🤓 with 💩 to create the emoji collectible “Nerdy Sh*t” (hehe) Emoji Story, its claim price will be based off the current claim value of both base emoji. If 💩 is 0.2 ETH and 🤓 is 0.1 ETH, 🤓💩 will have a claim value of 0.3 ETH. It's important to note here that ONLY ONE of any combination can exist at a time. If someone makes 🤓💩 before you do, then the Ethereum Smart Contract won't allow the creation of that Emoji Story. Once created, 🤓💩 will be available to claim from the creator by any player. Economy: Okay, so CT can be mined, and collectibles can be crafted. What do I do with them? Well, anything you want! We’re just the creators of the Emojinomics engine – it's up to you, the community, to decide how to use it. CTs are ERC-20 tokens, and they are divisible up to 8 decimal places (like Bitcoin). They can be traded, sold, or given to friends and family. CT supply is limited by claim price and is reduced by collectible creation. The value of CTs is whatever the community decides the value should be. Base emoji and Emoji Stories are ERC-721 tokens – they’re unique and cannot be duplicated or destroyed. Save them, collect the ones you like, and sell the ones you don't want. The choice is yours! Our Goal: Here at Lucid Sight, we’re a team of adventurous game developers with years of industry experience making fun mobile, PC, console, and web games. In the near term, along with making a little 💰, we hope to also see a rich and fruitful Emojiconomy sprout from our crypto social experiment. We would love to see secondary market trading and token use cases that we never considered. In the long term, we hope that this is just the beginning of this distributed application. We have TONS of ideas for improvements. These include additional crafting products, web tools for tracking stats, and other distribution applications that can provide deeper functionality to these collectibles. This is what CryptoEmoji is all about, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve created. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions via email, Telegram, or Discord. We look forward to seeing all the Emoji Stories you create!
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Hugh Early Milestone - Thanks to everyone for checking out Crypto Emoji so early / late depending where you are at ;). We have had over 600 txns in just a few hour after launching, Almost all the initial 60 seed Emoji have been bought once or MORE! With 120+ Crafting Tokens created we are seeing some amazing Emoji Stories being crafted and CLAIMED! We will be dropping more seed Emojis starting around 10am PST and spreading them through out the day. Check back here on Product Hunt as we will announcing all Emoji drops here first. Looking forward to seeing what else the community will make! 😎
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💎Milestone Update💎 - Over 1000 transactions and accelerating! Thanks everyone for checking our dApp out! We will continue to seed more Emoji through out the day so check back often. Also check out the latest UI updates from our EPIC dev team. 😃
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Thanks for the great video review @defango! He has done a full video review the our app and company. You can check out his review and usage of our dApp here -
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Hi All, New Emoji are coming!!! Look out for 🍟, 💋, ☕️, 🍺, 🐳, 🙉, 💎, 🐼, 😃, 😖, 😤, 👿, 🙃, 🐐. They will all start dropping over the next hour, get them before they are GONE!
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