Crypto Collectible Maker

A simple widget for creating an ERC721 contract, $30.

Create your own Crypto Collectible. This contract allows you to mint unique, numbered tokens. Every minted token can be customized by adding individual pictures, descriptions, or attributes. Order e-mails include a basic faq. A well known example of an existing ERC721 contract is the CryptoKitties project.

This contract is fully ERC721 compliant.

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Hey, This contract is quite extensive in terms of functionality, if anyone needs help implementing it for a specific use case, feel free to email me at - Eemil 😄
This contract is well suited for constructing assets for custom video games. Think skins/items or cards for blockchain based card games. I'd love to hear if anyone has an interesting project in mind that they want to build on erc721 tokens
Cool idea of selling contracts on demand. Could you explain why someone should use this over OpenZepplin's free open source version?
@cupojoseph great question! If you're a developer who's experienced with Solidity/Vyper then not much, but for anyone who isn't, the widget should make it quite a bit easier.
Are you selling the widget or the end product erc721 token created by the widget?