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#4 Product of the DayDecember 04, 2017

Crypto Central is a new kind of cryptocurrencies portfolio.

Track your crypto investments in a heartbeat, check the coins market cap to avoid sh*t coins and read the last news of the crypto world to win the trading war.

Crypto Central helps you stay on the top of the crypto game.

Available on IOS, Android and web.

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I really like the design of the app. Looks like I would use it. Sadly the mendatory facebook login kills it for me :(
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Thanks for your comment @0xmort3m. We understand your disappointment and you are not alone. Our first assumption was to build the app with Facebook Connect to simplify the onboarding and make your trades available on the web as soon as possible. After your comment and the community call, we will make it optional in the next release.
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@0xmort3m @vtllr just killed my negative review (was about mandatory Fb login). Will wait for next release !
@0xmort3m @degrems That's clearly our main focus now :) Thanks for your comment @degrems!
@0xmort3m @vtllr FB login killed it for me too, but after reading this decided to keep it until the next release.
@0xmort3m @behrouzix Thanks for your comment. We will push the next release before 15th of Dec. Will keep you in the loop
Hey crypto lovers, ✌️ I'm Vincent, the co-builder, and developer of Crypto Central. We've been building Crypto Central to bring the Crypto world to the next level. As crypto investors ourselves, we believe the crypto community deserves the best to track every investment frictionless. Our MVP is really simple: - save your trades and manage your profit/loss, average buying price and so on. - check out market cap in a sec to see which coin is hot right now - read the last crypto news to make the best trades today More features are coming to make it happen 100% (auto sync exchanges trades, buy & sell through the app and wallet integration) and we want to build it with you so feel free to give us a try, we can't wait to get your feedback. πŸ™ Enjoy your crypto day!
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Well done, guys! Added the app to CryptoList.
@alexanderisora Thanks a lot! Happy to be on Crypto list. You did a great job here! ✌️
@alexanderisora Just checked out CryptoList, great collection πŸ‘
@pav_sethi thanks. Your Pull Requests are welcome!
Wanted to try that out, but unfortunately, as many others, the Facebook login killed it for me. Even if that was "anonymous", for obvious security reasons, I would never store my exchange keys or my coin balances / trading history on a third party's servers... Will you let users store all their information locally on their phone eventually?
Thanks for your comment, @gmajoulet. We will kill the mandatory Facebook connect really soon. From your perspective, what is the best alternative? We wanted to sync your FB id between the web and the mobile version. Is the email only works for you?
@vtllr I'd be much more comfortable with being allowed to use an "anonymous" email address, but what would make me really happy (and actually use this product) would be if the API keys, trading history and all that data never left my phone :) I know that would mean no sync between the web and mobile version though, but security is key for me in this world...
@gmajoulet That's an interesting challenge! Completely understand your point here. We will improve our product and I hope one day, you will have Crypto Central installed on your phone πŸ’ͺ
Always loved stuff like this: what makes this different than other portfolio trackers that exist today? Downloading πŸ’ͺ
Thanks for your comment @nickabouzeid You are a legend! We believe our app offers the best experience in term of UX and it's going to help newcomers and mass adoption. Also, we are going to push the boundaries of the portfolio with wallet & in-app trading integrations. We are focused on making Crypto Central the simplest solution to buy, track and secure your cryptos. The journey is going to be fun 😼