Crypto Bird

Track crypto influencers in one place 🐣

Hi guys check out Crypto Bird, a crypto influencer tracking app.

It’s a free iOS app for tracking crypto tweets by topics. It’s pretty cool as it filters out non related tweets from top influencers and organize it into crypto symbols in each page.

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Hi everyone 😄 The most common pain point and headache that most crypto enthusiasts face is following the relevant tweets when influencers mention your favorite crypto. Chances are you will miss most of the tweets that matter to you, since most of the tweets is buried by the amount of noise and unrelated tweets. It will be great if there is a solution that actually filters out the unrelated noise, and then organize the tweets to meaningful crypto symbols in each page. Well, looks like someone actually created one, and that app is Crypto Bird.
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@hpizzy Thanks for the support. We are working hard on it :)
Why have another app instead of making a list in Twitter?
@mrfrowntown Essentially this is a third party Twitter app, with the main focus to provide a better way to navigate tweets based on topics e.g. smartly sorted and organized, removing clutter of unrelated tweets from the respective topics within a collection of twitter influencers. The user experience is the essential part as well, users can just swipe through topics easily with great focus on the content.