Crypto Bar

Open-source menu bar app for cryptocurrencies prices

An open-source menu bar application that updates cryptocurrencies prices in real-time and allows users to create alerts for price changes. Pricing data is updated every minute.

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10 Reviews5.0/5

Still not a billionaire, 0/10


Gives you the market price per one coin


Doesn't get you more coins

Will be adding more coins soon!

- It only allows price for 1 coin

- It doens't let you select which exchange you want the price

- It doesn't show green/red colors on the price

- Doesn't seem to be realtime


- Coin Tick

- Coin Watch


Price alert


Limited compared to alternatives

Thanks (valeu!) Bruno. This is just the beginning! Since it's open source, I'm getting a lot of help and feedback from the community already. Many of the things you mentioned will be incorporated in future releases and I'm already working on some of them. Hopefully, it will be available soon and since I implemented auto-updates, users will get it without worrying. Yes, the price alert feature (which other apps doesn't have) will also be improved.
Very distracting. hahaha in a good way. nice work
Dream come true. Thanks a lot!

Nice Thought


Cool, Time Saver to visit individual websites


OS limited

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, the API used to draw text in the menu bar (to show prices) is not available for Linux and Windows. I will keep investigating a good solution.