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#5 Product of the DayDecember 18, 2017

An open-source menu bar application that updates cryptocurrencies prices in real-time and allows users to create alerts for price changes. Pricing data is updated every minute.


  • Bruno LemosMaker in the making; Software Engineer

    Price alert


    Limited compared to alternatives

    - It only allows price for 1 coin

    - It doens't let you select which exchange you want the price

    - It doesn't show green/red colors on the price

    - Doesn't seem to be realtime


    - Coin Tick

    - Coin Watch

    Bruno Lemos has used this product for one day.
  • Prateek

    Really handy tool to keep an eye on cryptocurrencies and be alerted on downs & falls.


    Price in USD not always match with the market (coinbase etc)

    Very easy to install and simple tool without opening & refreshing the browser unlike other apps.

    Prateek Gupta has used this product for one day.


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Ciocanel RazvanPro@chocksy · Co-Founder of EpicCoders
Very distracting. hahaha in a good way. nice work
Geraldo RamosMaker@geraldoramos · Co-founder,
@chocksy thanks! :D
Igor Malchenko@imalchenko · Chief Operating Officer at GameTree
Dream come true. Thanks a lot!
Geraldo RamosMaker@geraldoramos · Co-founder,
@imalchenko haha, thanks!
Masoud Ardestani@masoudardestani · Founder of @hicezan | past @rydite
This is really clean and straight forward! Just downloaded :)
Geraldo RamosMaker@geraldoramos · Co-founder,
Ben Levy@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
Looks cool - what exchange are you pulling prices from? Thanks!
Geraldo RamosMaker@geraldoramos · Co-founder,
@benmlevy The exchange used is CCCAGG. Future versions will make it configurable.
Akshay Kadam(A2K)@deadcoder0904 · Maker of all things JavaScript 😘
Awesome app. Need support for more coins though. I want ₹ support 😃 (Check for conversions)
Geraldo RamosMaker@geraldoramos · Co-founder,
@deadcoder0904 Trying to work on a solution to support most coins and let the user select which ones to monitor.