Crypto Aquarium 🐳

A place to talk and learn about cryptocurrency

Crypto Aquarium is a telegram chat group to talk and learn about cryptocurrency. Our community is made up of crypto entrepreneurs, miners, developers, and designers from all over the world.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Great community with a unique feel that I’ve never seen anywhere else in the crypto space! Keep up the good work Josh πŸ™Œ
@coconidodev Nicolo thank you for the comment. It's been great to connect with you and get to know your projects!
Josh invited me to the Aquarium after his interview on CryptoHackers. I immediately loved this powerful community πŸ”₯ Wish you, Josh the best of luck developing it!
@alexanderisora Thanks for being apart of it Alex!
Hey Crypto Freaks!!! The Crypto Aquarium 🐳 community is all about having fun & meeting talented people. Fun facts: 1. We have 1000+ members from 20+ countries. 🌎 2. You don't have to be a fish to join. πŸ¦€ 3. Bitcoin price has gone up since we started... Coincidence? We think not! πŸ€‘ Come join the conversation πŸ‘‰

I've been a part of Crypto Aquarium since this summer. The atmosphere in the chat is always cool. I like how fast Josh kills spammers!


Friendly guys, thoughtful discussions, a lot of opinions! Love this community.


There are a bunch of founders in Crypto Aquarium, but none are introduced. What about creating a public introduction sheet?

Alex, thank you for taking the time to leave some feedback and most of all thank you for supporting our community. I think your point about including a way to introduce our members is a great idea! We should build a community google spreadsheet with member info 😁 See you in the Crypto Aquarium ✌️

Welcoming Community

Interesting Discussion

Insightful News Shared

Community Driven Projects

Can test your product/site on an enthusiastic community



Great community to discuss all things crypto


there sometimes can be a bit of unneccessary noise in the chat

Mr Shark 🦈 Thank you for the feedback. I like that you pointed out how the Crypto Aquarium is a great place to introduce new ideas and products for some honest feedback! Something that sets us apart from many other crypto communities. I agree that the chat can be a bit "noisy" - I think in the future we could explore more structured community environments like forums, discord, etc or even split into a themed "sub-groups". Keep strong and HODL on πŸ‘