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#5 Product of the DayMay 18, 2019
CryptoAccepted helps you discover crypto-friendly businesses, freelancers and artists. You can filter posts by accepted crypto currencies and categories or add your own project (if it accepts crypto payments).
Rūta Sla
Ali Taheri
Gintarė Slavinskaitė
  • Pros: 

    Clean design, simple to use, and FINALLY everything is at one place!


    Keep on adding more crypto-accepted websites

    Have been struggling to find a single register of all crypto-accepted websites for a while and all that experience seemed more like a treasure hunting. Cannot believe that someone actually took the time to build it! Man, this website is a life-saver!

    Rūta Sla has used this product for one day.
Hopefully we'll need FiatAccepted in 10-15 years, because we really need to get rid of banker money.
Really cool project, let's get more people spending crypto. Adding search would be amazing because I imagine some people may just want to know if a specific place accepts crypto.
@dkb868 Thank you, Dmitri! Believe me, the search feature is on the top of my to-do list along with adding more offline crypto-friendly places. It's time to stop HODLING and start using 🙌
Not so many business tools like dApps. Here are my few lists I started to curate recently: / Feel free to upload them to your listing.
I love it. It's simple, it's practical and it helps you to discover new businesses from various categories that accept your crypto. It makes life so much easier for you if you deal with cryptocurrencies on a regular basis.
@payne_at_aaa I appreciate it, Alexander!