Create and share blockchain-tied digital collectibles.

Cryptibles are the world's first blockchain-secured digital collectibles - they can be anything from cards to coins to figures and can be collected, stored, and shared easily by mobile users. Our app allows users to create and design their own custom cryptocurrency or digital collectible with ease.

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Hi All! I am excited to share some details on our new App, Cryptibles. We are looking to launch in the next week or two for Android and iOS. Interested in helping us and get a head start at collecting RARE and UNIQUE blockchain collectibles? Become a BETA tester today! Just send an email to or DM me on twitter @FazriZubair. See our product description below, and we look forward to your questions and feedback! --- Cryptibles™, the world’s first self-service platform to CREATE, SHARE, and TRADE blockchain-secured Digital Collectibles! Start your very own collection today! WHAT ARE CRYPTIBLES? Cryptibles are custom Digital Collectibles that anyone can create, trade, and share through our app. All Cryptibles are forever tied to the Ethereum blockchain, giving them immutability, rarity, and scarcity. HOW LONG DO THEY LAST? Just like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Cryptibles are IMMUTABLE – they will live forever on the blockchain and cannot be modified. They’ll even outlast the impending nuclear armageddon and the subsequent zombie apocalypse. All hail our cockroach overlords. WHAT CAN I DO WITH THEM? Cryptibles can be used for anything! Anyone can make them – you can even turn a selfie into a Cryptible! Collect, trade, and share your Cryptibles, or hang on to them just like you would with baseball cards, gold, Bitcoin, or bananas. YOU CAN ALSO -Create your own Cryptocurrency or vanity Digital Collectibles and impress your friends! - Reward your social media followers with your own custom Digital Collectibles! Track ownership to provide specific rewards to your biggest fans! - Promote and expand your audience! Create a Digital Collectible for giveaways and increase awareness of your brand, band, and other artistic creations!
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This is genius. Reminds me of collecting baseball cards as a kid.
For a Halloween treat we just posted a FREE Limited Edition Halloween CryptiPals pack! Each pack gives you 1 animated Halloween themed CryptiPal. Only 60 of these babies available, check out our in-app marketplace to get yours now before they run out!
How do you handle transaction costs on ethereum? who pays that? are you guys taking on that cost?
@giannidalerta Great question! We provide an in-app currency (CryptiBytes) which users can use to cover the cost instead of Ethereum. Our system pays the network fees in Ether and charges the end user via CryptiBytes. This allows our users to perform blockchain transactions from their cloud wallet without having to own or transact in Ether.
@fazrizubair What gives CryptiBytes their value? You'll have to exchange them for ether at some point, if not you'll go broke (unless you are just crypto rich and don't care!) either way... I dont see anything about your CryptiBytes token, how many have been or will be minted? etc.
@giannidalerta As of right now, we set the value of CryptiBytes in the app by selling bundles of CryptiBytes for IAP. These are then used throughout our app's economy to purchase collectibles, mint your own collectible, and perform blockchain transfers. The spent tokens come back to us, and we then sell them once again for IAP to cover the ETH cost for future transactions.
@fazrizubair IAP? In app purchase? In app purchase of what? Do people put their credit card to buy CryptiBytes? or are people doing actions on advertisers and in turn they get CryptiBytes then you guys get the affiliate cash to pay for more ether? If you are going the using Cc to buy your own virtual token becareful because most payment processors like stripe have virtual currencies listed as a prohibited business on their system.