πŸ€– Recurring crypto trading using your existing exchange


Crypterval is a SaaS helping to setup recurring buy trades to automatically execute at predefined intervals using your existing exchange. Recurring investment into an asset follows the dollar-cost averaging investment strategy.


πŸ’° Cheaper than Coinbase

😌 Anxiety free automation

πŸ“ˆ Hedge against volatility

πŸ•Ή You’re in control


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πŸ‘‹ Product Hunters! Myself and Josh are fairly new to cryptocurrency trading, and rather than investing large chunks of money, we decided to follow the dollar-cost averaging investment strategy. Put simply all this means is that we buy regular small fixed amounts of our chosen cryptocurrency. When the price is low, we end up with more, and when the price is high, we end up with less. Initially, we took an MVP approach to the whole idea and executed our buy trades manually every day (as soon as we got up πŸ˜…), but this obviously became a little tedious and time consuming. Both being coders we put our heads together to automate the whole process using the APIs already provided by exchanges such as GDAX. After automating it for ourselves, we realised this could be of use to many other crypto traders, protecting them from over exposure to volatile world of cryptocurrencies. This is why today we're super excited to announce the launch of Crypterval πŸš€! It basically allows anyone to setup a recurring trade by selecting their exchange e.g. GDAX, the amount e.g. $10 and interval e.g. Every Day, and that's it. Set and forget 😎. We would love to hear all your feedback, ideas and questions about Crypterval, and more importantly we'd love to know what exchanges you'd like us to support next πŸ‘. #HODL
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Hi, great idea! Any ETA for other exchanges? My trial has started but I don't use GDAX... Thanks!
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@b_diolez Hey Benjamin thanks! Please let us know which exchange you're on and we'll try add it in ASAP πŸ’¨.
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@nagra__ Mainly Bittrex :) Cheers
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@nagra__ @b_diolez We have now added Bittrex with some pairings, let us know any specifics which are missing (most of them) and can quickly add them for you 😊
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@nagra__ @anodigital We have also added Binance support with some pairings but please let us know specific ones of interest and can add them first while we continue to add all of them 😊
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