Crypteron Community Edition

Encryption and key management for C# and Java

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Yaron Guez
Chief Software Architect, Crypteron
I'm the Chief Software Architect at Crypteron. We launched this 100% forever-free Community Edition in order to make enterprise-grade encryption and key management available to all developers. Properly securing data in backend / server-side applications is a lot harder than most developers realize which is one of the reasons data breaches keep occurring. If giant organizations like Home Depot, Target, JP Morgan and the US Government can't secure their data properly, you shouldn't safely assume that your development team can either. Cryptography is easy to get wrong especially when it comes to key management, key rotations, and data migration. Crypteron Community Edition levels the playing field by bringing enterprise-grade data security to developers without a budget. Just a couple lines of code in C#, Java or Scala instantly enable AES-GCM encryption, tamper protection, key management, key rotations, data migration, and one-click response to data breaches. We've been told by our customers that we saved their teams over a year of development time, freeing them up to focus on the parts of their app that get them more customers while leaving the data-security to us. It's completely free so give Crypteron Community Edition a shot today and let us know what you think!
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@yaronguez so needed! I don't understand why this isn't used everywhere given all the hacks going on right now.