Cryptare for iOS

Cryptocurrency portfolio, alerts & news

With 1000+ Cryptocurrencies, accurate multi-portfolio management, fully customisable alerts, 100+ exchanges, 30+ supported global currencies, and aggregated news, Cryptare is the only Cryptocurrency app you will ever need.

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Looks great!
Hey Product Hunt, I am really excited to share Cryptare with the PH community. Over the years I have seen products being launched here with amazing results in the form of valuable feedback from the community. Initially, Cryptare was a very simple app I made to solve a problem I was facing. There were very few Crypto-related apps in 2017 because Cryptocurrencies hadn’t gotten mainstream media attention. Last year in August, I released this version ( to gauge the market interest in a Bitcoin price comparison app. Surprisingly, the response surpassed expectations. Cryptare got a ton of active users and reached Rank 8 in the Financial category on the iOS App Store. As the popularity of Cryptocurrencies and Cryptare grew, it was clear that other people faced similar problems. I got amazing feedback from many users and since then I’ve been working with the community to make it more user-friendly and feature-rich. Today, I am releasing the new version of Cryptare on the iOS App Store, which is completely free to download. Here are Cryptare’s best features so far: - Multi-portfolio management - Cryptocurrency price alerts for exchange-specific trading pairs - 1000+ Cryptocurrencies - 30+ Fiat currencies - 100+ global exchanges - Aggregated news for each Crypto Majority of the users would only require basic functionality which is completely free. For users that need advanced features and more flexibility, Cryptare offers a PRO tier for a very cheap monthly subscription (as cheap as a single coffee). I am looking forward to hearing from all of you and I’ll be answering any questions here. You could also tweet at or email If you’d like to have a discussion, you could join the Slack channel at P.S. Cryptare is currently expanding to other platforms (Web and Android) and welcomes talented people. If you are passionate about solving this problem and have the necessary skills, please drop me an email at (mention PH in the subject title).