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Cryptagon is the most advanced crypto portfolio tracker.

Automatically import from exchange & wallet.

Track +2000 cryptocurrencies & alt coins.

Use it on Desktop, iOS & Android.

Secure and Free. ⚡️

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Hey all! Bernat here. I’m the designer at Cryptagon. Early this year I started investing in crypto currencies and I couldn’t believe how bad all the interfaces out there were… I decided to contribute to the crypto community creating a beautiful, usable and clear tool to manage crypto investments. @rajiv_ayyangar and @iambetaful with whom I had the absolute honor to work with at an earlier startup joined on the endeavor. We’ve worked super hard the past few weeks to release the first version of cryptagon. Thanks for the up-vote and don't forget to send any kind of feedback our way.

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@rajiv_ayyangar @iambetaful @bernatfortet Love this! Super clean. Nice work guys.
@mzuvella Many thanks! 🙏
@rajiv_ayyangar @iambetaful @bernatfortet Well done! This is a HUGE step up from spreadsheets. You got my upvote :)
I feel so incredibly fortunate to work with @bernatfortet and @iambetaful once again. As crypto enthusiasts and data visualization geeks, we were incredibly frustrated with the tools out there, so we built Cryptagon! We have lots more in store, and we're super curious what you all think. What's *your* greatest point of confusion when it comes to your crypto portfolio?
@bernatfortet @iambetaful @rajiv_ayyangar dealing with ICOs and exchange imports...the latter is pretty expensive with being the only other competitor really out there
@juantabone I agree! Things become messy pretty quickly when you get into ICOs and multiple exchanges. It's where we are headed.
@rajiv_ayyangar awesome! personally, I'd like to see API import integration for Gemini, Binance, Bittrex, and Cryptopia. I think you guys have Bittrex already? Also, I paid $5 for a Crypto Pro app for iOS because it provides home screen widgets. But no API imports :/ So yeah I can't wait to see this product evolve. BTW, I've actually been playing with the idea of working on a crypto portfolio project as well for the same reasons: most products out there either suck or are super expensive. I'm a full-stack dev that's primarily focused on the front-end right now, but I'd love to offer a hand to speed up development and contribute to this awesome project. Please let me know if you'd like to chat!
Hey @juantabone! Sorry for the late reply here. I'd love to learn more about your offer 👌 Would you mind sending us a mail to Thanks!

Tried Cryptagon today and I really hope all the best to the team! Had a super nice chat with Bernat.


Great UI

Awesome chat support

Great tools coming!


None for the moment

(would like to see a iOS app in the future)

Thanks Jessica! I'm already thinking about how to create the best possible App design for a crypto portfolio. Keep the feedback coming :)

This is an awesome product. I was looking for something like this out of Coinbase, but it never came. It makes more sense from a 3rd party anyway, as you can grab data across wallets/exchanges.


Easy to understand interface

Similar to what you'd see in a traditional trading platform

Easy to set up

Works with major online wallets


Only supports a few major online wallets

No mobile support

Thanks Eric! Stay tuned for more wallets soon.
Hello. Will you support Kucoin too?
Hello, @bernatfortet and the team! Great work! Love the UI. The integrations feature is a killer! I've pushed your app to CryptoList.
@alexanderisora Thanks! You win the gif game.
@alexanderisora I’m just curious why kraken isn’t on your exchange list? Any bad experiences?
Hi @edgarnigel. There are so many items to be added to CryptoList. I simply have not so much time. That is why CryptoList is opensourced. Anyone can submit anything and I will add a project within 1-3 days (if a project works and looks good and is least 3 months old). Kraken is a great trusted exchange. Thanks for noticing that I've forgotten adding it. I will make a commit later today.
@edgarnigel @alexanderisora Open source it I want this feature or code this kraken compatibility feature !! :)