Track the top 100 Cryptocurrencies in every new tab

Cryptab is a chrome extension that tracks the top 100 Cryptocurrencies in every new tab!

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Hey Hunters! I built Cryptab to make it easy for my friends and I to see the price and percent change of the top 100 cryptocurrencies whenever you open a new tab. Let me know what you think! Would love some feedback and suggestions for additional features!
Would be nice to have a search function. Right now I gotta press ctrl+f or cmd+f and type coin name to quickly get to the coins that are far down on the list. Also not sure if this is possible, but I personally would love to see what the price of "ETH" was last Thursday at 7pm. I have yet to see a product provide such snapshots. I know coinmarketcap allows you to see a coins price on a particular day, but i haven't seen price history by day + hr. Great job on the product btw, the design + overall simplicity is great! Im curious, why did you chose to only do a Chrome Tab version? Users like myself are put in a tough situation because I already have a chrome extension that I love which takes over every new tab. Now I have to chose between Cryptab and the other extension which has already become part of my routine. It would be awesome if Cryptab was a mobile app or a stand alone website imo.
@madebyildi thanks for the feedback! Search functionality shouldn't be too difficult, so I'll try to get that in the next update. I'll have to look into the ability to get historical price snapshots by hour. Just out of curiosity, what value would that specific information give you? I chose to make it a chrome extension because there are so many dedicated crypto sites that provide a lot more information that would be very hard to compete with. Cryptab makes it easy to see a quick snapshot of the top 100 coins in a new tab without having to go to coinmarketcap or cryptocompare. I agree a mobile app would be handy though!
@markus_schuette I agree that there are many sites out there that provide way more info, but they present it in a very bad UI/UX. As I mentioned the issue you may run into is that many chrome users already have an extension dedicated to their new tab and it may be hard for them to give up something that they already find valuable for something new but also valuable. That’s my opinion, which is why I think having both a web version + chrome extension would be great. Mobile app would def be better but probably more challenging to execute. As for the hourly snapshots, I find that it’s important for me to spot patterns, especially when day trading. Sure you can look at charts and all that but many deal with satoshis and don’t even give an option to easily view usd pricing...
...Currently I’ve had to resort to using Google docs, and setting an alarm on my iPhone and manually entering prices for coins of interest at the set times I’m interested in knowing price for. I was going to try and write a formula on Google Sheets and tap into the Coinmarketcap API for the data, but not sure if hourly snapshots are available. Another suggestion: allow me to create my own coin list. So maybe create a tab where I can add and arrange just the coins that interest me (my portfolio). I’ve had ur extension installed for a few days and I constantly have to scroll up and down to find the ones that interest me. Adding search helps with this a bit, but giving me the option to create my own list and arrange coins would be awesome! Also if you could find a way to add highly curated/useful/relevant news stories within the chrome extension, it would be a nice bonus. Every time you open a new tab maybe u get 2-3 relevant/fresh news stories, on-top of everything else ur already providing.
@madebyildi awesome feedback, thank you! Will try to implement search functionality, custom watchlists, standalone web version on, and allow tiles to expand to show recent news articles!
Btw - sorry for the double post but I noticed that the prices on Cryptab are a bit different from coinmarketcap sometimes. Where are you pulling the prices from and how often are you updating?
@madebyildi all data is actually pulled from coinmarketcap API, so they should be very similar. New data is pulled every time you open a new tab!

Would be great if Alerts can be added and Portfolio can be created.


Nice Presentation and Colors


No feature yet to add your own portfolio listed coins and sort them up/down

Thanks for the feedback Kalyan, these features will be in our next update. What kind of alerts are you looking for?
Every tool can be useful!