Cryptocurrency portfolio tracker

Manage all your cryptocurrency investments: including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, other alt coins and tokens.

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Looks good, but i dint use any portfolio servisec before


simple design, easy to understand


add more languages (russian), auth by social networks, more informative UI|UX

Thanks, will add languages and social networks auth

It's a shame that you haven't provided some kind of landing page that explains why I should sign up for your service. I have used a number of crypto trackers, they all have pros and cons. Some can automatically pull data from certain exchanges, others require manual trade input but have nice data visualisation. This is a crowded market where people are privacy conscious, I'd recommend provided some copy that explains why I should choose your service and inspires confidence. Good luck!


- None


requires sign up, no explanation of unique value propositions

You can use any email for registration. Registration need to protect your portfolio from another users. I'w fix landing soon.
Completely agree ... There are too many tracker mail spam in my mail box these days ..

It would be really nice to finally have a place (web AND mobile) where we can create a crypto portfolio. One that let's you enter your orders in different valuta's. For example: 1LTC for $91.93 or 0.019BTC.

Instead: Crypolio doesn't explain in which valuta they are calculating at all.

Also.. I would change the name to CrypTolio hahaha polio is a disease.


That there is potetial for (finally) a good crypto wallet


They are BY FAR not where they are supposed to be on launch.

Thanks for your feedback i will fix it.
I plan to develop the service and I will be glad to any feedback, wishes on the functional and additional tools, thank you in advance.
@konstantin_rusanov there’s zero information about features on the site - is there API integration for example?