Procedural Sprite Generator

CryPixels is available for Windows and macOS. Easily create hundreds of pixel art sprites for games or any other project, with an easy to use interface.

Tom from CryPixels team here. Being a programmer my pixel art has never been great, so I decided to improve on the procedural algorithms already out there and add an easy to use interface for procedurally generating anything pixel art. A couple of the features included: * Create .crypix generation grids up-to 32x32px. * Mirror the grid vertically, horizontally or in both directions. * Switch between Grid View, Output view and a Split Panel View. * Batch output up-to 500 sprites per re-generation. * Change the output preview background colour. * Scale the outputted sprites up-to 8x. * Output .png sprite in original pixel size or scaled pixel size. * 1-bit mode for retro style sprites. Would love to here all your feedback and feel free to fire any questions at me!
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What motivated you to develop this? :)
@kydyzyx Was playing around with other algorithms around the web, but they all require manual configuration, and no easy way to draw the generation mask. I decided that a decent interface would not just speed up the process, but also allow much more creativity. It was originally made with the intention of exporting 1000s of sprites and making pseudo procedural games, however it turns out just as many people are using it for generating one off sprites or prototyping sprites.
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