A visual file manager

cryo uses a visual graph instead of bookmark lists and lets you quickly jump to your most used folders.
Open beta available for Windows, macOS and Linux.
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Reminds me of this:
@joshuapinter Hell yes, the fsn "fusion" file manager on SGI/IRIX and was ahead of it's time.
Thanks :) Do you mean more nodes in the graph? To add nodes you can drag any folder from the left pane or the bread crump into the graph. To add more views right click on an empty space and select "Add new node view". A quick overview on that can be found in the docs
This is super slick, love the idea. Refreshing to see someone trying to innovate file management in 2020 👏
@trevin Indeed. This is rather unexpected. I hope Cryo gains enough features so that I can keep using it as my daily driver. Loving the graph approach. And the platform support. And QT.
@trevin @chrisfr Thanks :) I'd like to add most useful and common features needed to get work done on a daily base. With the focus on increased productivity for average use cases without requiring a steep learning curve or providing dozens of fancy features the majority never uses.
love it any way to customize the right pane with additional folders?
@eyekayu oh I hit the wrong button, the below comment was supposed to be a reply.
Wow, awesome. I especially like the visualization. As an Arch Linux user it would be nice if Tor could be an optional dependency (in the AUR package) ;) Ah and on my test VM i had some missing QT dependencies.
@yves_hoppe Thanks, Arch Linux is my main development system :) Yes indeed the AUR package needs more improvements for the dependencies and also build against latest Qt 5.15 which is already available in the main repos, currently 5.14.2 is packaged which isn't needed on Arch.