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jager mcconnell — ceo of crunchbase
Hey PH folks! Really appreciate you taking the time to check out our new iOS app. It's been a long time coming - but we're hoping you like it. When we spun out and became our own company late last year we started asking users what they wanted to see from Crunchbase and time and time again we heard folks wanted a mobile app. We spent a lot of time trying to make the app as frictionless as possible to be the best way to research companies, people, and investors on your phone.

Some things we're excited about: swipe left on home page and find different cards showing off what's happening in the app. Predictive/fuzzy search if you don't quite know the name of the company/person/investor you're looking for. It's also pretty speedy - we invested a lot in our infrastructure to make it zip right along.

We're already cranking on the Android version - so stay tuned for that. We've also got some iOS features coming that didn't quite make it in time for launch. Spotlight search, graphs, more entity types so you can drill into everything without seeing a web view), access to your follow lists and ability to follow, custom news feeds, and a lot more.

If you've got suggestions or thoughts on the app, would love to hear them!
Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Congrats on the launch. Crunchbase has been around for ~15 years, a super useful tool for professionals. Why build a mobile app now?
jager mcconnell — ceo of crunchbase
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! When we spun out into our own company late last year we asked a ton of users what they wanted to see from Crunchbase first and the answer was pretty overwhelming: a fast and easy way to lookup companies in mobile. Over 20% of our users use mobile to access our site so it felt like a no brainer. We started out building the search use case first and realized throwing in some discovery features like showing what's trending and the latest Crunchbase Daily felt good. Hope you enjoy it!
@jagermcconnell @rrhoover I had a look at the app. I like it but honestly I'd have created a FB Messenger bot instead. It'd have been a perfect case since CB is a database of article and info, and it'd have saved time and $ as well.
David Carpe — Thinker & Layabout
@zac_46 but useless for people not on fb or prohibited from access on corporate networks
@passingnotes we can discuss this topic forever, but at the end of the day CB should simply look at where its target market is and when they access to it.. I personally doubt people use CB mainly at work AND most of them are not on FB, but this is just my personal opinion not supported by data..
P.s.: mobile apps will die soon and be replaced by bots on different platforms according to specific customer segments.
jager mcconnell — ceo of crunchbase
@zac_46 @passingnotes Definitely a good suggestion. We have millions of users who use their mobile device to access CrunchBase so the feedback from users was that they wanted a native mobile app. That being said, building a bots on a number of different platforms is on the roadmap. Stay tuned!
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