Crunch is a free, open source macOS GUI application that is built on pngquant and zopflipng PNG image optimization. It uses a lossy approach to PNG image optimization. The tool is available through Homebrew as a native macOS application.

`$ brew cask install crunch`

Image examples + compression ratio analysis available on the Github repository README.

MIT license.

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This looks handy @csimpkins πŸ™Œ How would you explain how this compression works in layman's terms? πŸ˜…
@amrith In the simplest terms possible, this is a "lossy" approach to PNG optimization. That is important and the reason why the file sizes are smaller than approaches that use lossless PNG optimization. Lossy means that information that was in your original image file is lost. This is something that can decrease image quality. I spent a good deal of time optimizing the current approach across numerous images a couple of years ago and have used this tool in production settings since this application was originally released in 2016. My experience has been that across most image types that I use, the quality difference is imperceptible. There are situations where it is not the best tool for the job and I provided some examples on the repository README page to demonstrate this. They show how artifacts can be introduced into certain types of visual features within images. Clearly, this and all other lossy tools come with the caveat that you should not use them without human supervision in production settings. I can attest to the fact that I've used the tool across nearly every PNG image that I've pushed for public consumption over the last two years and don't recall a single instance of quality problems. Most of my images are simple illustration style images so this endorsement comes with that caveat. Consider it another tool in your arsenal that provides easy access to a strong lossy approach to PNG file optimization. There will be situations where you find easy size gains for your files. In some cases, you need to drop back to lossless optimization if quality becomes an issue and there are other tools available for that. Thanks for the question. Please let me know if this did not address it.
Any reason to use this over ImageOptim?
Very useful! Simple and gets the job done.
Great job!! Looking forward to using it 😊
Cannot install via brew πŸ€” Whatever that's really good stuff. πŸ™ŒπŸ»
@stevenselcuk Mind dropping an issue report on the repository for this? We can look into it. Note that it must installed with `brew cask` not `brew`.
@csimpkins I used 'brew cask' but missed when writing comment sorry. But now it works. Interesting.