Visual communication tool for designers

Crumby is a visual communication tool optimized for designers and design teams.

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Hello friends! I'm Shotaro, one of the co-founders of Crumby. We started making Crumby with the aim of helping designers to collaborate more effectively. We hope Crumby will save you loads of time you've been spending juggling a variety of spreadsheets, files and feedback reports. We have just released our Public Beta and we’d love to hear your constructive feedbacks and criticisms. Thank you so much in advance! ^^
@shotaro_suganuma so excited to see Japanese makers and their products hitting the line of design software. Keep going!
@hesperiashimo Thank you so much for your inspiring comment : )

Crumby helps me to save time while working with several teams and it helps me to keep all my design files organized and in one place.


Easy-to-use, clear UI, simple UX, Neat and Organized


Nothing yet

The best part of this product is that it has tasks integrated into the reviewing flow of designs, however with prototyping coming to Zeplin and InVision Studio going live soon this product will have a hard time competing with these established services.

Best of luck Crumby Team!


Simple clean UI + Tasks for designs


Many other products do the same a bit better (Zeplin, InVision,, etc.)

Thank you so much Janis for the feedback.

Crumby is gonna be one of the most convenient app to collaborate with other mates when you develop new apps or even when to blush up!!


Very neat!!


Troublesome to convince your team mates to use this.

Great job!! 😊
@ayush_chandra Thank you so much for your support:) I am happy to hear that you like Crumby.